What to look for, or push for if having a better economy is what you want

1) Write Kamala Harris and Katherine Porter about their plans to help homeowners still in their homes and likely far far underwater. ALL of the programs from the 25 billion national mortgage settlement (which is only going to give some relief to those who have ALREADY lost their homes). And the new 10 Billion mortgage settlement which is here to for undecided in its distribution, and the HOPE help line for homeowners are all disastrous failures. Insistence and political pressure can be brought to bear on these otherwise intended funds for modifications and losses BEFORE families are on the streets. This is here in California within which Riverside is the hardest hit area of all.

Elizabeth Warren should also be kicking in on this effort. She founded the consumer Protection Bureau, and is now closer to the President as a Senator from Mass.

2) Twice the number of Chinese expect to make long trips to vacation abroad spreading their money all about the globe with that country’s new found riches, and five times that number within a few more years. All this is happening while we here are worried about locking Mexicans out of a country they settled before the many current residents arrived here to claim their “American” roots, this and paranoiac delusions of what Arabs might do to us when they are as American as apple pie in 99 percent of the cases, we have overlooked ALLOWING visas for the new wealthy of the world (the Chinese) which is choosing Europe over the US time and again because of our failed immigration policies. China is closer to Palm Springs than Europe. At this point, our domestic terrorism by far outweighs our foreign terrorism which is being kept on the front burner by delusional minority extremists starving us from the economic growth out of fear when that additional economic growth is something we should already be enjoying, without the undeserved fear. Even Rick Perry agrees with me here. Working on a safe fair visa issuance is an issue that Mary Bono Mack said Hillary Clinton was “looking into,” now let’s write Dr Ruiz as it isn’t just Mexicans we want here legitimately.

3) Get ready to throw successful happy beautiful gay (and heterosexual weddings). We need for associations to be formed that grow business friendly associations of related businesses, halls, hotels, restaurants, party rentals, designers, floral people, dress makers, etc to make those weddings happen here before other destinations are chosen. Working together is going to make this a win for us. Greed and avarice will ruin it. Let’s make this a destination that beats Las Vegas with class in this regard, and is less expensive than a LA or other choice. That will be happening in June or sooner. Are we ready?

I have some exciting predictions and announcements to make by June for the valley and beyond as we watch the nation recover and pass this baby fight in congress over the various “cliffs.” Can’t wait.

It’s all about the solutions to the problems. Let’s create them as they are within our reach.

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