Ongoing negotiations.

Ah yes, our government in denial. Still. We as a people always have our power to vote (even with voter suppression) , and we will. What’s funny to watch is that many seem to think that they can completely discount 90 percent of African Americans, 70 percent of Latinos. the unions, 60 percent of women, 90 percent of gay people, 47 percent of our population mistakenly labelled as “takers”, the poor, the minorities of all types, the veterans, the elderly in Medicare, anyone receiving Medicaid, the poor, and still represent the winning side. Americans are winning. And that is my prediction for our economy as well.

First, we will win this battle over revenue and an attempt to return to some semblance of the Clinton tax rates. Once that battle is won, before or after the lame duck session, we will face the debt ceiling again, with Republicans sealing their fate as damaging to this nation’s credit by creating instability in the face of the rest of the world as to whether or not we stand ready to pay our admittedly exorbitant debts.  You don’t fail on the full faith and credit of the US, ever. Because the rest of the world will punish the US by adding a a risk premium to our debts if they are not risk free. That’s called being rational.

Having recently been called upon by the content and marketing manager (a Yale graduate) from, I have been asked a series of nine questions about how best to prepare for the New Year, our resolutions, and typical mistakes. Those quotes will appear on the site’s blog across the US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and elsewhere. That our congress is acting like children with very grown up things isn’t going to surprise any foreign reader nor any hard working immigrant here. They will simply be embarrassed for us as they watch our behavior in shock, and we will pay in slower growth from doubt about how unstable children act, and in two years a further erosion of the party that denies the existence of half its population (47 percent of its population) will be at the laughing end of all the chic cocktail parties abroad over the holidays. So easy for everyone except citizens here to see or so it seems.

You see, the idea is not to tax and spend as tactical sport, but rather as planned strategy. The idea is not to over spend, it is to use credit wisely. The idea is to tax reasonably per capita and in a way that is commensurate with one’s ability to pay to provide a minimum level of dignity for all. That is not a nanny state nor a lack of a strong work ethic. That is taxation with representation.

America has a work ethic embraced by all those accused as being on the taker list. America being made up of “takers” as misconstrued to be those on the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid is a cruel lie, and nothing is further from the truth.  America is having access to education and healthcare without having to be a white landowner. America is a country that pays its debts, no matter how large. We even balance budgets when we have Clintons in office.  America is a country that invests in itself, in its infrastructure, in its people, and in its research and development like renewable energy proudly and openly not begrudgingly. That is what is best about America. If we lead, we can show the rest of the world how this is done without stripping workers of a living wage nor of their healthcare. A well cared for people that earns its way to the top will always remain at the top of a list of countries people where people want to live. That, happily, is the America we are becoming.

We can create more rich people by shrinking the number of poor people, or create more rich people by increasing the number of poor people. I favor the first approach as an economist that understands the best side of capitalism. A new FREE online university is being formed right here in the desert that is going to change history precisely because a marriage of for profit and not for profit activities is a brilliant brain child of those who can think beyond national borders into economic ones. Marriages between public and private enterprise have their successes too. Let me tell you more in my next blog. We have a very bright future indeed. Greed is about the smallest thought of all, and it is counter productive to true value added growth. Contact me at my website: