I told you so. The good news, it’s Obama.

Does it feel good to declare victory? Sure. The real victory, however, is for the country as a whole that is on a fantastic path to growth and an economic resurgence that will now be possible with proven and very much desired leadership. While I join my fiscally conservative friends in their care for spending tax dollars, and in their care for the size of government, I believe that the size of government is not zero, and that government is in fact better at doing certain things. Healthcare is on that list. A lower percent of GDP spent on healthcare overall is where ObamaCare will take us in the long term as in other nations. Hooray for the sensible.

That is the decision that has been made with this election, and now the real work of building our great nation begins in a forward motion, picking up just where we left off.

Continued obstructionism will surely lead to a further punishment and further loss of Republican representation in two years if that is the desire of that party, and the ‘fiscal cliff” is non-existent in the long term. A two day fiscal cliff does not a fiscal cliff make.

In general, we can wake up today to a wonderful America the world respects, and one that respects itself as a diverse community that sees the value added by all its parts: the women, the minorities, the poor, the middle class, the owners of businesses, the very wealthy, the blacks, the gay people, the members of various religions, even atheists, and all those who chose to make a strong work ethic part of their American dream if it includes access to everything anyone else can expect. And land owning men too. I own my home, and I didn’t mean to count myself out.

We all pay taxes, and we all deserve taxation WITH representation, not taxation without representation. That was the battle waged last night. We won. We America.