Point. Counter point. Fastenal?

No one has ever heard of Fastenal. Certainly not those who have heard of Apple, Facebook and Google that are blue chip tech stocks not even in the same sector. What is so shocking to me, is to see persons able to make single stock recommendations in shameless plugs with complete reckless abandon for their fiduciary responsibility if they are licensed.

First of all, one NEVER recommends a single stock. That is irresponsible because it does not meet the rookies rule of diversity. Even if a strategy of dividend paying stocks were considered, several sectors would be chosen (not all tech stocks for example) and the risk and return of investing in stocks in general, especially dividend investing would have to be addressed in their suitability as per a case by case basis where the client is concerned.

When I see this type of writing pass for legitimate information out in the public, I am shocked at what passes for news, and I question the motivation for the plug. If you are approaching retirement age for example, stock market investments are GENERALLY moving down in weight inside your portfolio and bonds are moving UP because of safety, and tax issues.

The idea that one would try to simply ram some single stock down a potential client’s throat is beyond reprehensible, and anyone doing that needs to seek out professional advice that is more careful of an individuals situation.

I am a firm believer that our economy is in fact doing MUCH better, that we can not afford not to have universal health care eventually if we are to compete in a global market, and I am even more relieved that those who pose this type of risk to the public when they shamelessly plug single stocks will be leaving the financial marketplace over the younger and better educated crowd finally coming into this beautiful neck of the woods.

Always ask someone WHY. Why this product for YOU? If their answer isn’t all about suitibility to YOUR particular goals and situation. and is instead about how great the stock is…… beware, as you are about to be sold a bill of goods.

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