Nurturing Tourism and Infrastructure Essential To Our Local Economy

Virgin Airways has announced nonstop flights from NYC to PS for the winter 2012. This is excellent, and comes at a time when we need to do everything we can to take advantage of our resort fame. This is truly a BIG piece of news for our valley. Tourism is sacred here, and at a national level, represents 20 percent of our lost jobs in the great recession and since 911 according to many economists who properly note that visas need to be issued with proper efficiency if we are to gain in the tourism area in accordance with our pre-911 numbers. Locally tourism represents a much larger slice of the pie. When I asked MB Mack about this at a breakfast not too long ago, she was talking about the visa problem in regards to terrorists, and she said Hillary Clinton was working on the dichotomy of protecting our nation while increasing tourism. I’m glad the Clinton’s are on the problem. A Democrat will get those visas issued safely because even according to MB Mack, a Democrat is in charge of the that whole concept, at least when I asked her about it inside of her comments on immigration reform recently.

The new Desert Fashion Plaza won’t be quite ready, but far from abandoned and that will help tourists get ready for return trips. The green energy West-End campus of the College of the Desert will be well developed in the next two years as well, so I am encouraged. That is an infrastructure improvement of some importance, and the dedication to green renewable energy nearest the renewable energy field just to the side of that property is significant.

Am I worried about the pollution from the Sentinel plant as it discourages tourism to this end of the valley? Yes. Unfortunately, pollution credits that allow for otherwise illegally high particulate matter pollution have been sold to the developers right in the shadow of the new COD green energy campus, which is far worse than ironic. Infrastructure improvements, and capitalizing our resort fame and the clean air we need alongside those renown poolside views are otherwise looking very positive in my view. Pun intended.