A personal tribute to 9/11

Tomorrow will come and go. It did that on September 11, 2001, too. NYers are amazing people, and they are simply Americans and residents like everywhere else here. A NYer sees himself as just one more person. Just as it should be. I lived there in Manhattan at the time, having moved back to the US from France in 1999, and I remember the day as it flowed through in a slow and steadfast ready and responsible way. Unlike the belated media reports that made it seem as if an explosion had happened in an instant, we lived a long slow deliberate attempt on all sides of the issue through many long hours of slow movement and deliberate excersize. As a local, we were so happy that 97 percent of the occupants of those two building were successfully evacuated by the firemen and police so methodically and deliberately. When you set out to attack a place, and you miss 97 percent of your intended human targets, well, you aren’t very good. In fact, you are a failure. Oh, and the attackers were all served immediate death sentences without chance of parole or costly court proceedings. It was a huge and victorious day, a day filled with the sense of what can be accomplished with calm minds and responsible people reacting in real time to an undeniable act meant to create terror. In the following days, papers were still floating down to Earth from the skies, and many turban wearing generally Sikh heroic cab drivers back at the job, getting people to work every day. Yes, there were so many unsung heroes we didn’t see on TV. Overall, we immediately knew we would overcome this, and we have since erected a most amazing tribute to the former towers. If you haven’t seen the 911 Memorial, you still need to make a trip to NYC to see one of the most amazing things you’ll ever see. So, prior to the attack The World Trade Center was a great site for visitors to the world’s marvels, and that is still true today. Just like America. Let’s celebrate tomorrow as the enormous victory it was. At least, that was my take away. We are blessed, and I for one, am happy to be an American who lived through one of the greatest challenges of modern times along with all the citizens and residents of this great land seeking hope and access and prosperity via a strong work ethic and a minimum level of dignity guaranteed for all as a society that proves there is no taxation without representation in its every act. Such a success was probably only possible in one country in the whole world. This one. That will still be true tomorrow, and the day after.